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Gay. Straight. Bisexual.

So a while ago I discovered I like girls but I am not full lesbian because I also like men. For example I would not be able to have a full relationship with a girl and try and have a serious relationship I would just like a girl to be buddies with benefits LOL or something on the side and maybe if it goes further than we’ll see but I see myself marrying a man but I do like girls also is it bad that I don’t want to date a certain type of girl

Drug addiction

So today is secret day… My secret of the day is a couple of years ago I was addicted to cocaine and it took me a long time to get off of it but I finally realize that first off it was way too expensive LOL and 2nd there were more important things to do with my life and third it absolutely did nothing for me.

Has anyone ever been addicted to drugs or alcohol?

The white way

Is it the logical way or is it just me and my way I don’t know what to call it but honestly I really hate when stuff makes so much sense but people go extra length to say that sounds dumb and to try and prove a point I just don’t really really don’t understand certain concepts of people’s thinking like if I will by one particular freeway and you’re telling me that it will be faster if I took the other particular freeway which is in fact not faster which has been proven I just don’t understand that really actually like it is really a pet peeve when people be like oh this makes more sense no it doesn’t that’s why this way is called the right way

Live-in ex

So if you break up with your boyfriend but you guys still live together until someone gets their stuff together but you guys are in fact broken up what would it mean if you meet someone new of course not to bring them to the house that you guys share but it should be okay for you to date and get phone calls and have your own personal life

To praise or to judge

Have you ever went to church and felt like either you overdressed or underdress because everybody was looking at you and judging you about what you had on kind of leads you to the question of am I going to church to praise or am I going to a fashion show to be judged

Boyfriend renewwal

I honestly do not like my boyfriend like seriously after several years of being with each other I have noticed that there are more than 10 things that I do not like about him and less than seven things that I actually do like about him the true it really irritates me the most is his reasoning the way his mind works I suppose he always has some sort of excuse for things that just makes no sense at all..